Atraschem Trading Group
Atraschem Trading Group
With the mission of exporting and importing all kinds of chemical raw materials

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Import, export and supply of all kinds of chemical raw materials for paint, resin, printing industries. Packaging, glue, medicine.

Atrascham Trading Group with more than two decades of continuous activity in the field of trading and buying and selling chemicals needed by various industries, especially oil, gas, petrochemical, and mining, by recognizing the basic needs of customers in the field of chemicals and mastering procurement processes In different sectors of the industry, it has the possibility of designing and producing special chemicals (Specialty Chemicals) and supplying all kinds of general chemicals (Commodity Chemicals) needed in different industries of the country with the quality expected by customers and employers. More …

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We are trying to be able to provide our services at the best price with the elites of the supply chain and accompanying policy in the way of production.

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By using up-to-date technologies and a specialized team, you can experience the high speed of doing things with us.

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7 days a week and at all hours, we will respond to you as quickly as possible so that you can be satisfied with the supply of materials.

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